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National Adoption Week 2013 November 4, 2013

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National Adoption week is always special to be, but this year it is especially so as we are just going through the adoption process with my baby bird. He will be flying the nest in a couple of weeks.

Adoption, for me, is the end of my role in my baby birds life. More importantly, it means the beginning of a new family.

Since I became a foster carer I have been involved in 4 adoptions.

Four fabulous, emotional adoptions.

Four couples have had their lives completely transformed.

Four couples can start and put their heartache behind them and look forward to a future they thought they’d never have.

and most importantly, four babies have the beautiful, devoted forever families that they deserve.

If you have thought about adoption, you probably have many unanswered questions. My advice would be, enquire, find your answers, you may be surprised.

I’m not saying adoption is easy, but neither is bringing up birth children.

This parenting lark is tough, no matter how you got the role! but it’s also rewarding, heart warming and fulfilling.

Could adoption be right for you? You wont know, unless you find out more..go on..just ask xx



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