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Sons and Daughters October 14, 2015

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October is always the month where birth children of foster carers are celebrated.

They are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in the provision of a stable foster placement. Our children have to change and adapt to allow for the complex needs of some of the children we care for. Their plans are often second place to contact, meeting or appointments. When a child moves on they grieve. They go through so much…

…however, all the children of foster carers that I have met are always positive about their experience. They know that a loving family, a nice home and emotional support are not to be taken for granted. They are understanding of peoples needs and circumstances. I believe my children are growing up to be tolerant, empathetic adults because of the role they have at home.

I will leave the final words to Mr11, Thank you x

“Living as a foster family is nice because you get to help all different ages yeah it can be hard but most the time it’s fun and normal you learn a lot and know how to look after a child when you are older.” Mr11.


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